How We Help Our Contractors & Tradesmen

As a Contractor or Tradesman you have so many roles and responsibilities within your business, there’s NO WAY you can manage them all.

Let Good Impression VA take some of those responsibilities off your plate so you can get back to servicing your customers.

Admin & Project Management

Back office and administrative tasks can easily take all of your time and energy. Focus more on your jobs & projects, while we manage the rest.

Business Support Services

When you’re on the job site, the last thing you want to think about is completing paperwork when you get back to the office.  We know you make your money in the field, and this is why we make it easy for you delegate everything else to us.

What We Do Best

We offer services to assist you in any part or stage of your business. We have the experience to keep you & your back office on track, and keep your jobs & projects on schedule.

Email Marketing
Keep your customers engaged by developing an ongoing email marketing campaign. Send monthly newsletters to ensure they stay up to date with your business.
Project Management
Our Project Management is all about delivering a quality product on time and on budget.
Business Support Services
We don’t forget about the everyday, General Admin responsibilities within your business. We provide email management, appointment setting,  research, data entry, cloud file management and more.
Contract Management
Experienced support in SOWs, Bids/Proposals, Change Orders, Punch Lists and other project and contract related documentation.
Customer Relationship Management
We help you relate to your customers through effective customer service, support and management
Human Resources
Let us handle your employee & subcontractor responsibilities. From pre-screening, interviews and hiring, we’re able to take that worry off your hands.

Work with a Team of Talented Business Support Ninjas

With over 15 years of administrative, entrepreneurship and trades experience, we’re able to handle all the back office task that many contractors and tradesmen hate doing. Consider delegating those task to Good Impression VA so that you can focus on growing your trade business and getting more customers.

When you work with us, we focus on the everyday tasks that you just don’t have time for, allowing you to concentrate on the job site and your customers.  You’ll be able to approach your customers with a confident, renewed sense of energy, because the administrative tasks are being handled and aren’t cluttering your thoughts or bogging you down.

Let’s Work Together

We can work together to create a package based on your business needs and specific task requirements. All services are billed on a monthly retainer basis, rather than hourly.

Our Monthly Retainer Packages start at $599/month, depending on your business needs.  Let’s work together to create a plan that fits your business and budget!

Schedule your free call today to learn how Good Impression VA can help free up your time so you can focus on what’s most important in your business.