My Mission

To help small businesses manage their daily operations. You’ll be able to prioritize and delegate the most important tasks in your business. 

“I love working with small business owners, the “regular men and women” that work hard to build amazing businesses.  I love the idea that “little ole’ me” gets to play such an important role in this process. I help my clients show up consistently online, getting their unique and specific message across through their social platforms”.


Who Are You?

Let’s get the formals out of the way…

I’m a Taurus, I love lemonade (literally any kind will do), I’m a mama to (2) little people and a wife to (1) big person, I’m the product of entrepreneurial parents (thanks mom & dad), I love R&B (I’m pretty sure I was one of Diana Ross’ Supremes in a former life), I’m a life-long-learner, and computers, apps, and anything small business related is my jam! 

I offer a range of services that are specifically designed to establish or advance your business’ online presence, automate & streamline your daily operations & save you a bucketload of time and stress. 

“Social Media, Internet Marketing and Online Business Management have become the lifeline to many well-established organizations, and your small business shouldn’t be left behind.”  

One of my greatest joys is taking part in the growth of small business owner’s dreams and visions. Regular men & women (like my parents) dedicate so much of their time towards establishing viable businesses, it’s truly an honor and an amazing feeling when I’m asked to contribute towards their success. 

My college education & experience in Small Business Management, combined with the more technical & corporate stuff I learned while working for a government agency, have given me the skills, insight and ability to help small businesses achieve their desired goals. I use online tools, resources, and platforms to “reach-out-and-touch” your ideal client and help you “bring-home-the-bacon”, and maybe even fry it in the pan! As an Online Business Manager, I develop time saving systems and automations designed speicifcally for your business, and handle the tasks that rob you of valuable time within your business. 

Let me use my experience, knowledge & tech skills to help you develop a plan to grow and scale your business.